Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sort of on our way!

We're just about at the Boston airport. After a trying-not-too-cry-too-much round of goodbyes at home, we are finally on the road. I woke up early, and there were already several middle of the night texts on my phone from Lia, while she was in her bed, promising to pray for us and to take good care of Sage (sniffle!). I kissed my babies goodbye, and little Sage (who typically prefers to save her kisses for Daddy) tole me, when I asked for one more, "But Mom, I alweady DO DAT!" So I laughed, and it was a good distraction from crying, and I kissed Lia another one and scooted to the car. Love those girls. And love our guy, who we didn't get to kiss goodbye this morning but who we'll see soon!

The week's been crazy. We're at the airport, so I'm gonna run, and I'll keep you all updated as we go.

Love and prayers that you all are doing well!
Off we go!

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