Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm not entirely sure that an apron counts as a "fashion accessory," but in my world, it's right up there with shoes and handbags.  Seriously.  Well, maybe not right up there, but certainly close.

There's something so transformative about a fabulous apron!  It brings out my inner Donna Reed, I suppose.  At the very least, it helps me pretend that somewhere, deep down inside, there might be a glimmer of someone so composed and efficient - and supremely cheerful - as Donna Reed.

Jessie Steele Bib Josephine Café Toile Apron

I'm sharing one of my favorite aprons here, in case any other apronista's are out there reading.  I have oven mits to match!  How cute is that!!!??? 

There's something I'm always drawn to about really old-school homemaking.  I think there's something about serving that we've lost these days.  And that's sad.  But more and more I'm noticing women all around me refusing to be defined by the self-serving culture we live in.  They are determined to be more than that.  I'm seeing a "homemaking revival" (if you will), and it's so exciting!  

As women and homemakers, we have so much power.  We completely set the tone of our homes.  I am guilty of not always doing this as graciously as I should.  There are days I am more impatient or less industrious than I ought to be.  I know God's always refining me and is patient to show me how He wants me to serve Him in my home.

I wonder if we realize the comfort and the beauty we have the power to infuse into the lives of our husbands and children and friends.  We really are the hearts of our homes.

We also have the ability to be women in such a way that we really let our men be men.  And that is really cool (although I know it's totally not P.C. to say that).  These are all things I want to explore more, both in my own life and in this blog.

I'm praying today that in whatever capacity you are currently serving the Lord and your family, that God will give you encouagement and grace to do it with your whole heart, as unto Him.  I also am asking that God will sprinkle His beauty throughout your day, helping you to find ways to make your heart smile, even in the midst of some of the mundane things that sometimes we must do as homemakers.  I'm asking that God will give you joy in the serving.  I pray He'll remind you in your spirit that even the little things you do - or some days the things you may give up doing - to take care of your family are precious in His sight.  

Today, remember the source of your beauty "....should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."  1 Peter 3:4

I'd love to hear more about what you think about what it means to be a homemaker, what taking care of your man means to you, and what you think of aprons!  So please leave a comment, if you'd like!


  1. I just LOVE that you love aprons. I grew up in an era when both my mother (Meem) and grandmother (Nana Shaughnessy) wore aprons. It was such a joy to give some of those old treasures to you and see you wearing them at times. It's fun to see aprons now being made in fun designs, and in matching mother-daughter sizes. Thanks for sharing about your passion as a homemaker. You do a mother proud and I trust many will be inspired by this wonderful blog.

  2. Hey Shannon! I love aprons too! My favorite ones are made from flour sacks and they used to belong to my grandmother. I don't wear them for fear they'll fall apart. My latest purchase was my LSU apron! Every self respecting Louisianan should own one!

  3. Have you ever thought about the fact that an apron is a form of armor? It is kind of a nice thought, don't you think? :)

  4. @Carole - Thanks, Mom! You are my role model of being a wonderful homemaker! Your prioritizing family above all the other aspirations you have had is a sacrifice of love that I have been moved by and is a major factor in why I've chosed to try my best to fill those shoes! I love you!
    @Beverly - Hey Miss Beverly! I love hearing about the nostalgic flour sack aprons! I'd love to see a photo :) And the LSU apron definitely sounds like a must for a Louisiana girl!!!
    @KMc - The thought of an apron as a form of armor is a beautiful comparison. It makes me think of the strength that exists in a mother. There is tremendous strength in the willingness to be vulnerable and to be willing to serve. I think that as a homemaker, embracing my vulnerability allows me to take advantage of the strength my husband's leadership offers me and our family through Jesus. And who wouldn't love to wear armor that's as totally cute as an apron! Thanks for sharing that!