Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to be a Housewife

Since September, I've been a full-fledged "housewife."  It's the job I've been dying to land.  Really, I'm rather cut out for it:  I love wearing aprons, setting the table, planning meals, taking Starbucks deliveries to my husband at work, being available for whatever the kids need at any given moment.  

My back was giving me fits all through the summer, so stopping the little bit of work I was doing has been a big help with that as well!  (Love when "doctor's orders" are to stop working, right!?)

Being home is amazing!  It is so many things.  It is all at once exhillarating and exhausting.  It is a lifestyle blessed with unparalleled flexibility and options and also limited by the schedules of all three of my children.  Homemaking is something that I see as a calling for this season of my life, and God is stretching me and changing me daily in ways that are often challenging and always rewarding.

My prayer for this blog is that it will be "real."  I know that so many times we as wives and mothers long to connect with each other and to relate to each other, and the busy stuff of life sometimes stands in the way.  Sometimes we see the surface of each other's lives and think that we are not doing as good a job with this whole "Christian wife and mother" thing as some of our friends.  And sometimes that may be true. (I know I have friends who knock my socks off with the way they manage their homes and care for their families!)  But I truly believe that most of the time, we are all getting up each day and facing a lot of the same joys and challenges.  

Every day I'm learning "how to be a housewife."  I am not an expert.  Not even close.  Serving the Lord by being a wife and mother is something really important to me, so I'm chasing after God's heart for me as a homemaker.  I'm learning, a little at a time, how to get out of my own way, how to let God set my priorities, how to find time for fun with my friends, how to be an even better follower of my husband's wise leadership.  Someday I hope to learn how to keep up with a two-year old while I'm wearing heels, but that may be asking too much...


  1. What a wonderful entry! I look forward to following your journey!

  2. Thanks, Kyna! I think you should blog with me!!!! You have so much creativity and so much insight - I love hearing about all you are doing.