Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Man of Mine

What he is as father, this is more than a gift to them.  It is also a gift to me.  His daily rising up to leave early for a day spent providing.  For us.

The quiet strength of his character.  Unchanging. Unfailing.  A display of manhood to our little man.  An example of how to love a woman to our daughters. His steadiness.  His laughter.  The safety we feel because of his presence.

Every day, laying down so much that could be for him.  It is for us.  And it is for Him.

This man I love, a father of three with a heart to call son a fatherless boy halfway around the world.  And a heart strong enough to carry the dreams and feelings of a woman.  And wise enough to lead us in God's will.  This man is everything a man could ever be.  And I sit in awe of him so many days.

Hours working.
And all of these things, seeds planted into the soil of lives growing up under his care...

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